Old Town Hall

High Street, Weymouth. DT4 8JH

From Saturday 15th September 2018 until Sunday 14th October

Opening hours 1pm until 3pm from Thursday through until Sunday

Or by appointment telephone 07805 884786

The exhibition is to celebrate the late Ted Nicklin’s diving exploits featuring artefacts, photos and his reminiscences of diving on some now very well known local wrecks.

Ted started diving in the 1950s and almost immediately was involved in salvaging shipwrecks and took a course in explosives. Fed up travelling all the way from London to dive, he moved down to Weymouth and got a day job at the AUWE. He then formed Channel Divers and bought a few WW1 wrecks and began salvaging them before getting involved in commercial work in the harbour and sewer outlet maintenance. Asked about wreck research he said “I leave that to others, I just liked to blow things up really”.